Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review Tot Tutors CT599 2-in-1 Round Plastic, It looks like it is not durable plastic

The several days before. I search for information on the Tot Tutors CT599 2-in-1 Round Plastic Construction Table and 2 Chairs Primary, so i would like to describe here.

Tot Tutors CT599 2-in-1 Round Plastic

Our sturdy easy-to-clean plastic table and 2 chair set features a baseplate construction top with a light weight removable plastic cover that converts easily to an activity table perfect for lunchtime for two story time or art projects. This table set features a recess in the table top for a storage BONUS for small construction blocks. The sturdy plastic construction features .... Read more or Check Price

Comments from other users

My son loves this It seems that is not resistant plastic but so far has survived the test ... "I am very satisfied ""Sono molto soddisfatto """"""Fits all his Duplo Lego as well""Si adatta tutto il suo Duplo Lego come pure""""""it""I am very"1truefalse856030"satisfied"2truefalse844350"Fits"7truefalse637011"all his"8truefalse632131"Duplo"9truefalse627341"Lego"10truefalse627451"as well"11truefalse607581"Sono molto"1"I am very"856truefalse"Are very"0truefalse"They are very"0truefalse"Am very"0truefalse010"Sono molto soddisfatto ""soddisfatto "2"satisfied"844truefalse1124"""Si adatta"7"Fits"637truefalse"It fits"269truefalse"Suits"0truefalse"Adapts"0truefalse"It adapts"0truefalse09"Si adatta tutto il suo Duplo Lego come pure""tutto il suo"8"all his"632truefalse"all of his"56truefalse"all its"5truefalse"his whole"0truefalse"all her"0truefalse1022"""Duplo"9"Duplo"627truefalse"the Duplo"0truefalse2328"""Lego"10"Lego"627truefalse"Legos"0truefalse"the Lego"0truefalse2933""" come pure "11"as well"607truefalse3446"""Sono molto soddisfatto Si adatta tutto il suo Duplo Leg come pure"6"it"62 by Hanny Guedes

My 2 year old loves. It ' just a little ' under 30 pounds and fits well. The will last us for a few years for sure. by Hamster

Table very cute. My two and three years enjoy playing on it and having snacks at the table. "My six year old child does not play with his Lego on it""Il mio bambino di sei anni non giocare con il suo Lego su di esso""""""it""My"1truefalse1000010"six year old child"2truefalse999150"does not"3truefalse997570"play with his"4truefalse9867100"Lego"5truefalse99610110"on it"6truefalse99911130"Il mio"1"My"1000truefalse"Enter my"0truefalse"Mine"0truefalse06"Il mio bambino di sei anni non giocare con il suo Lego su di esso""bambino di sei anni"2"six year old child"999truefalse"six year old"0truefalse"six year old boy"0truefalse"child of six"0truefalse"boy of six"0truefalse726"""non"3"does not"997truefalse"not"0truefalse"is not"0truefalse"did not"0truefalse"do not"0truefalse2730"""giocare con il suo"4"play with his"986truefalse"playing with his"0truefalse"play with her"0truefalse"to play with her"0truefalse"playing with her"0truefalse3149"""Lego"5"Lego"996truefalse"Legos"0truefalse"the Lego"0truefalse5054"""su di esso"6"on it"999truefalse"about it"0truefalse"over it"0truefalse"upon it"0truefalse5565"""Il mio bambino di sei anni non giocare con il suo Leg su di esso"6"it"62. by Stacey L.

My niece will completely flip when he sees this. No tools to put together and took only five minutes. It was so easy. Super cute by Tammy J Morton


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